Applying to Fourth Monkey

This is on its own as it is very different to my other applications.

Firstly, you apply via there website by filling out a fairly concise form with your basic details and a 200 word statement about yourself. For my statement I took my UCAS personal statement which was around 650 words, chopped and edited it to create my super short and sweet mini statement. You have three spaces to put previous training/education and they allow you to write a good amount in each box but it is a little vague about what you should actually write.

Other than that the application was very straightforward, you tick boxes for your preferred audition date from a choice of about 6 and then boom send it with a £25 paypal payment.

I sent off my application on 5th January 2017 (that felt weird writing 2017) and they got back to me the next day with my audition date and all that. They went with the closest of the dates I chose but that still isn’t till the 28th February so I have a while. In that email they also send you another form to fill in and attach a photo to and resend as confirmation as well as all the audition day information.

Pretty simple stuff really. Hope this helps x


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