Applying to East 15, Central and Rose Bruford

I have decided to put all the UCAS drama schools that I am applying for into one post so it is all together.

East 15

I sent my application off on the 15th but they got back to me pretty quick on January 17th but it went into my spam folder so check it! The email has a lot of information on describing the day, what you need to do and who to contact if you have questions. You need to fill in an online application as well as pay the £55 audition fee. The application is long but fairly straight forward. A few things for the form; you will need a passport style picture of yourself, you can apply for up to 5 of their courses and you mark them with which is your favourite and so on, finally you will need to write a statement about why you are applying for these courses at East 15. The statement box has a 10000 character limit, my statement reached ….words which was ….characters. The rest of the form was very simple like your past experiences, qualifications, any disabilities and the like.

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

I have applied to Central quite a few times before but thought I would still include a little on here about it. They got back to me really quick on 18th January. You go onto an Eventbrite link and choose a date from a list for Central, when I got the email I checked the available dates and the earliest was 6th April so I thought right booking that tonight. I don’t like to use my card details so we usually use my dads card and I pay him back. Go to book it that night and that was sold and they were all sold out till 11th April which sucked but it is booked! You prioritise the three pathways into which ones you prefer between Collaborative and Devised, Acting and Musical Theatre. You get emailed a ticket you need to print and I read through the info just below it and guess what I found!!!

– two memorized classical speeches (from either Elizabethan or Jacobean plays – for inspiration. we have published indicative classical speech lists on the following page of our website, however you do not have to select from these lists –;

YOU DON’T NEED TO CHOOSE FROM THE LISTS!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have but mate! I was shocked.

Rose Bruford

 I am an awful human. Just realised I never filled this bit in/posted this. Whoops. 

Anyhoo, looking at my emails Rose got back to me on the 24th of January so again quite speedy and you need to book it from a selection of dates. There were about 4 dates when I booked for either February or March, I went with March. 

The email they send has attachments at the bottom, read the ones appropriate to the course or courses you are applying for and there are forms to fill in for the day as well. All in all nice and simples!


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