Fourth Monkey 2017

25th February 2017

What to prepare:

You need a modern monologue and a classical (Shakespearean or Elizabethan era) both 2 minutes or less in length. 

The actual day:

Got the train into London easy and was around Seven Sisters about an hour earlier than when they asked us to get there (9:45 for a 10am start) so sat on my phone and played games till 9:25 and headed in. I was the first one there for a good ten minutes. Little shocked by that but heyho. They had a few no shows so our group was only 11 people, most seemed nice but some were very pushy with the fact they were on this course, with this teacher, who taught here and here. Dude, calm your tits you are auditioning like all of us. 

Anyhoo, the day was quite straightforward as the morning consisted of 1 on 1 auditions in front of one of the two panels then lunch followed by a 3 hour workshop. The panels had either teh artistic director of Fourth Monkey on or one of the teachers with a former student. I was second in to see the panel with the AD on. 

They asked me what speeches I was doing then said do them in any order you like. I started with my contemporary then did my classical. After that he said that they usually redirect the classical but he wanted to focus on my modern. He asked the other panelist to sit with me and asked me to make it more intimate and give it a bit more time. He actually got up and asked questions and it felt like he cared which is really nice. The interview after they asked questions from my personal statement and recommended a theatre company to look into because I love Gecko. I enjoyed meeting them and it felt like it went well. 

That was all finished by 11 and so I ate some lunch, got given a little tour by one of the helpers and we all chatted till the workshop at 2pm. 

The workshop was led by the AD and their clowning teacher (the two Steves) with one of the morning helpers. This will be difficult to explain but I shall try my best. We started with music and it was just explore the space and move, play and free your mind. It was a fucking blast! I love movement and this was just all the yes. Next whilst moving we found a partner and then it was also about that connection as well and impulsey movementy goodness. 

Next we were split into three groups and told to come up with a name for our physical theatre group, where we were from and all that malarkey. Then we were told we were going to perform three pieces at a festival and we would have a little time to ‘reacquaint’ ourselves with 3 of our most famous pieces. The time got shorter each time and we were progressively allowed to use more stuff, at first it was just breathe but by the last one we could use words but not dialogue. 

Then we did some stuff lead by the clowning tutor, we walked around the space and he would give us instructions like when I click you click, when I clap you clap then he switched them. I liked this, it was simple but fun. Then in pairs we did the mirroring exercise and he wanted us to try and catch each other out and we worked up to doing it in fours, this lead to lots of ‘what the fuck are they doing moments’. 

After a quick break we did some bamboo work in pairs. This was a lot of connection work and we eventually did it with our eyes closed. I enjoy this exercise a lot as it is strange because the stick becomes like a conversation but you aren’t really focused on the stick at all. 

Finally we looped back to the last exercise but our pairs were the same as the bamboo exercise and the third bit we chose one line from our speech and that was our conversation and we could still move. We did this for what felt like a long time and we were sweating and I have blisters on my feet and my back is aching right now.

That was the end of the day after a breif chat of what could happen which is either an offer for one of the courses, a rejection or them asking you to come back if they didn’t quite see enough. They do it all on that one day. They said we should find out by Wednesday as they do it in blocks of months, we were the February block so should find out quite soon. 


I got a phone call on Wednesday and I got accepted onto the two year course which is the one I really wanted. 

Overall feelings:

The day was brilliant and I really liked the vibe and atmosphere of the place. I was super happy that I got accepted here. 

I got the email with the contract today and have till the 29th March to get back to them. They have a £700 non refundable acceptance fee. I have a few auditions before that deadline and Central after. 

I need to look into funding and speak to my family some more but I am really bloody happy. 


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