Rose Bruford European Theatre Arts 2017

7th March 2017

What you need to prepare:

You only need your modern speech. No Shakespeare, no song, just your contemporary monologue. Boom! 

The actual day:

The day starts at 10am and I am a while away from Sidcup so my day started nice and early at 5:30am but the journey wasn’t too bad and I was settled in the cafe by 9:20am. We all sort of gathered together in a bundle but there was only about 8 of us, not many at all. 

We got collected by the head of course and taken to a studio that looked out onto the water with some very vocal geese. First we got introduced to three third year students who would be doing our tour, helping with the course chat and sitting with us while we waited for our 1-2-1 auditions. 

We got given a very indepth talk about the course and the opportunity to ask questions. The course sounds very interesting, a lot of writing it seems for a drama school but other than that hella cool. This was given by the head of course and the students gave a lot of insight as well and what they are working on at the moment sounds really interesting as well. 

Secondly the head of course took us through a workshop, I enjoyed the first part more than the second. The first part was focused a lot on the body and I like that sort of stuff while the second half developed from walking round the space and then interacting with each other and I don’t know why but I had trouble interacting with some of the group…I dunno I just didn’t quite click with this exercise, I did my best but I don’t know. 

After the workshop some of us went on our tour (some stayed for the 1-2-1 audition) and the campus is still bloody beautiful and all that. Then we went back to wait for our auditions. We chatted to the students and they seemed lovely and really enthusiastic about what they were doing. I got called in and there was one lady on the panel, that was it. The lady was lovely, nice but reserved in a way. I did my speech and then she redirected it in a few ways. I got asked to do it like I was selling fish at a busy market and then like a pop star engaging a whole arena of people. I wasn’t sure how I felt about my redirection but I tried. Then she asked me to sit down, asked why did I think she redirected me in that way, where did I see myself in the next five years, why this course and what I was up to. 

That was all done by 2pm so I headed home. The day was mostly good but I don’t think I was particularly incredible. 

The result:

I wasn’t really expecting much but a little over a week later I got an unconditional offer through UCAS. This was quite a bloody shock. 

Overall thoughts and feelings: 

I never really thought I would get more than one offer so I feel a bit weird. It has started to sink in that I will be going to drama school in September I just have no idea where yet! 


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