East 15 2017

18th March 2017

What to prepare: 

It varies course to course, I was applying for the contemporary theatre and physical theatre courses so I needed a modern, classical and a self written/devised third piece. If you check the website it tells you what you need for each course. 

The actual day:

I got there at about 10am for the 10:30 start and there was a lot of people there. A LOT! My groups this year have been tiny so this was one of those moments where I was like ‘ah fuck’ but heyho.

We all got called into the theatre amd got given a quick speech about what the day would involve then teachers started reading names off lists and you had to reply and then follow that teacher. My actual group was again quite small (like 8 of us) but we were joined in the morning workshop by some of the South End Foundation students so the space was quite busy. On that note, we started with a workshop led by the head of the CT course and he was a babe. Uri (I think that was his name) was a lot of fun and we did a lot of physically impulse walky type stuff. Just throw yourself into it, don’t act and have fun. We stayed in this room and Uri saw our contemporary pieces, we weren’t called up just went when you wanted to and he said he may or may not redirect us. I went up second and I was shaking real bad but I didn’t feel the monologue went that badly but when I sat down I was just like ‘hold my hands so no one sees’. I wasn’t redirected. It didn’t take too long to get through everyone, only two people got redirected. That was part 1.
We went back to wait in the cafe till our second panelist was ready, he was a cheery American bloke who was going to look at our classical speech. He gave us a quick chat, put us all at ease and then we did a quick exercise of saying the first line in lots of different ways to people. He called us up this time and we had the option of people standing in for characters so you had a focus which was nice. I again went second. He watched them all the way through and then redirected you once or twice and I got asked to do mine like a 12 year old and it was so much fun. Finally I was asked to do it a bit more mopey. Again,didn’t feel too bad but nothing special sadly. 

LUNCH TIME! I ate a disappointing sandwich and then we all got taken into a big studio (some people had already been taken somewhere but I have no idea where, sorry) and lists were read out. They said that if you weren’t called out they knew whether or not they would make you an offer. I was pretty certain I was gunna get sent home and have my rejection through soon. However, my name got called to do the physical theatre course workshop so off we went. 

The group was again small (only 6) but we were joined by the three stage combat workshop people for the warm up which was fun, lots of running about and we were all a bit sweaty and puffy by the end of that. The stage combat people left and we did an exercise on elements, we did water and earth. It started with closed eyes, then movement started from the core and through the body until we opened our eyes and could move about the space. We then could progress to humanising it, making sound and connecting with others. After a quick chat about what we found and felt we moved on to the next exercise. We chose someone we had met in the last 24hours and we had to become them and then we ramped it up on the scale from 1 (where we were naturalisticly) to 10 along with how they talked. We finished the physical bit by doing this in threes and it was a lot of fun. I was also asked to do my monologues again as Simon (the head of course) had seen everyone elses but mine and he asked me to do both. After he gave us the opportunity to ask questions and talked us through the course which sounds BLOODY INCREDIBLE! 

I am not really expecting much from this as they only take on 17 people but I had a great day and got very sweaty! 


This is odd but I wanted to include this new development. I got an email about 4 days after my audition saying that I was a no show at the audition but if I email them we can sort out a new date…I was there obviously. I called the number at the bottom of the email and they couldn’t find my audition form, they think it is with one of the people who auditioned me but they will sort it out. So whilst they sorted it out I had a bubble bath because dude this is stressful!

The result: 

This is a weird one. I got an email a few days ago from the head of Contemporary Theatre saying there are no places left on CT for this year but they can either offer me a place on Physical Theatre this year or I can wait a year and have a place on CT in September 2018. 

In the end the head of CT decided to offer me Physical Theatre but if I want to do CT I just need to remind him in summer to make the offer for next year. 

Overall thoughts and feelings:

This has been a fucking roller-coaster! I am thrilled with the outcome as they are both fantastic courses, I guess I am a little disappointed that there are no places left on CT this year but I am willing to wait a year for it. 


2 thoughts on “East 15 2017

    1. Hey, sorry it has taken me so long to reply it has been a weird few months. I auditioned for four years and this was the right time for me, it sounds dumb and cliché but I genuinely get it why I didn’t get in before. I have just uploaded a post about what I will be doing and my decision, all seems very strange 😂 thank you x

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