The only wrong decision is not making one. 

Right I may have done a tit thing and totally neglected this blog and my Central audition was months ago so I won’t really be able to give a huge amount of insight (also I have written about that school for the last three years so there is plenty up here about Central) but to cut to the chase…I got sent home after lunch and got my rejection through UCAS within two weeks. 

Now I had decisions to make! This year I got offers from Rose Bruford for the European Theatre Arts course, Fourth Monkey Two Year Rep course, East 15 Physical Theatre course or a 2018 entry into the Contemporary Theatre course. After much deliberation, tears, confusion, joy and support I have decided the best course for me is the Contemporary Theatre course, it reflects most what I want to get out of my training and where I want to go as an actor. All the courses are fantastic, don’t get me wrong, I would have happily accepted any of these courses had they been my only offer and I know I would have made a good choice but the CT course is the utter dream for me. I GOT INTO FUCKING DRAMA SCHOOL!!!!!AHHHH! Holy fucking shit balls. 

So, now I will have a year until I go to drama school with no auditions…this is gunna be so strange. I will still be posting and I have a few things I need to write up but I just wanted to say thank you for coming on this journey with me. I know that sounded really corny but this has been 4 years of my life and has had some serious highs and lows. Thank you and I wish you all the best. 

Till I next time x


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